President’s Message

President’s Message

Welcome to Ashton College!

On behalf of everyone at Ashton College, I am pleased to welcome you to our academic community. We are based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, but for over two decades, we have proudly served community members from across the country and around the world. Online learning makes all of this possible. 

Our main goal is to make our students happy and help them improve their lives. We are dedicated to providing more opportunities for adult learners, newcomers to Canada and people who are starting over in a brand new career or industry. If you are struggling to balance your current work and family commitments, our accessible and flexible online learning options can support the change that you are working towards in life. 

Ashton College can help you to build on your skills and grow your career. What does that mean? Our expert faculty can give you the tools you need to build a foundation, take the next step in your career or even start up your own business. The job market is constantly changing and evolving, and educational institutions need to keep pace. Therefore, we continuously adapt and update our programs to reflect industry demands, regulations and student needs. 

Our classes are designed to inspire and equip you for the workforce, with an added focus on professional development and certification. We provide flexible, convenient and accessible educational opportunities for diverse learners. You can study from anywhere in the world with our broad range of online career programs and continuing education courses. Some of our students have even attending their online classes or worked on assignments while sitting in their cars, waiting to pick up their children from school. Their efforts are beyond inspiring. For students who prefer being on campus, we also have in-class cohorts at our beautiful space in Vancouver, British Columbia. You can explore these various learning opportunities and choose an educational path that makes sense for you and fits your lifestyle. 

Throughout your time with Ashton College, we will be here to help you identify your goals and achieve every success. We look forward to getting to know you better and witnessing your future career milestones. 

Colin Fortes
President, Ashton College 

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