Career Programs

Career Programs

We work with professionals from various industries to ensure that our curriculum and training meet the current requirements in the professional field and allow students to advance in their careers. Many of the Ashton College programs are accredited by or are offered in partnership with national licensing bodies and professional associations.


  • This program is accredited by the Canadian Bookkeepers Association (CBA) and Certified Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (CPB)
  • Learn all about computerized accounting

Business Management

  • Engaging practicum placements are included for the Management Program

Digital Design and Marketing

  • Learn best practices with the Digital Marketing certificate program
  • Build a foundational knowledge of UX and UI design principles


  • Learn in a simulated medical clinic environment
  • Get practical work experience through beneficial practicum placements

Human Resources

  • SHRM Academically Aligned Program
  • Get a solid foundation with our focused diploma program
  • Embark on an exciting new career in human resources

Human Services

  • Learn the skills to work with different groups of people
  • Practicum opportunities offer practical work experience


  • Gain a thorough understanding of Canada’s immigration system and policies
  • Start a rewarding career as an immigration legal assistant

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